The State of Being Stuck

Patience, Perseverance and Acceptance

Math with Bad Drawings

Last year, I got the high school math teacher’s version of a wish on a magic lamp: a chance to ask a question of the world’s most famous mathematician.


Andrew Wiles gained his fame by solving a nearly 400-year-old problem: Fermat’s Last Theorem. The same puzzle had captivated Wiles as a child and inspired him to pursue mathematics. His solution touched off a mathematical craze in a culture where “mathematical craze” is an oxymoron. Wiles found himself the subject of books, radio programs, TV documentaries—the biggest mathematical celebrity of the last half-century.

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I Miss You

I am inspired. Always inspired.

I find strategy, various methodologies, design thinking, the growth mindset and prayer to be things that inspire me the most. Idea’s that are birthed by an individual then shared across the world in a form of stories, scientific papers, posters, books all of it I cannot get enough of. It’s almost as though I am in a constant state of love. The type of everywhere love. Love that isn’t found in one person but in many person’s and in many places. Idea’s that spark more idea’s and then the whole world is on fire-reinventing itself. Evolving.

IF I ever become uninspired…it’s my fault. This is because there is always something special in every thing, person, and place. I believe it. I marvel in believing it.